For any student who wishes to join Oxford School, admissions are laid out in the simplest way possible. A well-versed Admission Team is always there to help you at each & every step of the Admission Process. Procedure to apply in Oxford School is easy going.

Welcome to the oxford school burhanpur

We believe “The future of a nation is decided by its youth”, so, we started Oxford School to provide quality education to children. Oxford school is a day boarding school managed by Mahakaushal education society. The school focuses on providing high quality educational programs to inculcate the principals of social awareness and a sense of belonging in students.

Our highly qualified teachers prepare our students for a lifetime pursuit of learning through a proper curriculum. Our teachers take initiative and help students individually to tackle against any and all problems in academics. At Oxford, we take all efforts to make sure that a student is given proper guidance to reach his/her full potential. We make every effort to encourage the student’s growth in all aspects like mind, body and spirit.



Children are quick learners at tender ages. We Stimulate curiosity and imagination in the Pre Nursery, Nursery, Jr.Kg, and Sr.Kg students. This way we encourage academic and a holistic development from an early age. At this stage, we focus on engaging the child through creative teaching methods.


From Grade I –V, the grasping power of students is at its peak. So, we familiarize students with higher learning concepts and knowledge assimilation to develop rigorous academic habits and hone their skill sets. Practical learning is emphasized as we believe in ‘Learning through practice’.


We believe that expanding the horizons of learning and mastery of advanced concepts happens from classes VI to X. We hold special programs that prepare our students for the world. We provide multiple platforms to our students for a better learning experience.


Higher Secondary

Preparing for a real-life career starts from classes XI to XII. We help students identify their best skills and help them select a career accordingly.