Children are quick learners during their early school years (pre-primary). So, it is necessary that a child gets the right guidance during these years. The aim of our pre-primary school is to develop confidence and self-esteem in our students. We do this by providing a secure and relaxed learning environment to our students. We at oxford hire only high-qualified teachers & trainers that make sure our students get the best knowledge possible. English being a global language it is the medium of instruction that we use and areas of development like listening, speaking, reading and writing are covered. This way we ensure that your child gets an overall development.
Our pre-primary school includes nursery, Jr & Sr. KG.

Teaching Methodology

  • We believe in conceptual learning because that is how our students learn to use the education they get in real life. To eliminate weaknesses and bring out the best in our students, our teachers implement a proper teaching methodology that gives proper directions.
  • The logic behind every concept and formula is made clear to our students. So, at Oxford students never mug-up the syllabus, but rather have a proper understanding of it.
  • Oxford School has appointed highly-qualified faculty that helps students gain insights in every subject with detailed knowledge. This way we make sure that our students are always a step ahead of the competition.