Admission Procedure

The minimum age of admission for a child in Oxford school is two years and eight months (kindergarten). Following are the criterion that a child needs to fulfill for admission in Oxford school:

  • Completion of enrollment/registration form which may be obtained from school office on payment.
  • Completion and evaluation of an entrance exam.
  • Payment of all dues at the time of admission.
  • Records & references of previous school.
  • Number of students currently enrolled in the desired class.

Admission of the student is based on the above criteria only with the acceptance of the principal 7 parents.

We grant admissions on the basis of merit only. Our admissions close, as soon as the vacancies are filled. In case of exceptional cases like transfer of residence, employment of parent etc . Admission maybe granted after the announcement of last date. Also, these special admissions are subject to availability of seats in the class, and passing of the entrance examination. The decisions of the school staff is final and reconsideration in any case will not be entertained.